Driven by Passion II is the brand-new DVD from Tim Samaras!

This DVD covers his years out in the field from 2008 to 2012. These events include the successful probe deployments near Tipton, KS on May 29, 2008, the dusty tornado near Aurora, NE on June 17, 2009, and the powerful EF-4 tornado near Bowdle, SD on May 22, 2010. Included is a slide show for the unfortunate deadly 2011 season and close encounters near Goshen County, WY on June 5, 2009, Campo, CO on May 31, 2010, and never-before seen footage up-close of the incredible EF-4 tornado near Langley, KS on April 14, 2012. Along with many more events!

For the past 30 years, Tim Samaras has seen and witnessed the most powerful and destructive winds on the planet. His mission is to collect data from inside such intense forces of nature each year in Tornado Alley. With the scientific devices he has pioneered and built over the past 15 years, he has been able to achieve his goal. But it is not an easy objective by any means.

Samaras has been featured on television in National Geographic specials for his expertise with answering questions through scientific methods on disasters including tornadoes. His work has been showcased on the Discovery Channel in their popular show “Storm Chasers” (2009-2011) for his success and dedication to collect scientific measurements from inside of tornadoes.

Samaras gathers the most challenging data from inside tornadoes and captures some of the most dramatic video in the process.

He acheives this because he is Driven by Passion!

Format: NTSC 16:9 (Letterbox)
Runtime: 134 minutes
PG for mild language


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